How to Make & Promote Wildly-Successful Infographics

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Infographics 101

3 Lessons

An introduction to infographics including definitions of industry terms, myths debunked and compelling reasons why you should invest in infographics.

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Infographic Ideas

3 Lessons

The strength of your idea will make or break the success of your infographic. You can follow every lesson in this course with flawless execution but if your idea is rubbish then your infographic probably isn't going to succeed. In this course you will learn the art and science of devising a killer infographic concept.


Infographic Research

5 Lessons

First you have a concept, then comes the research. Are you going to be collecting primary or secondary data? Where should you look for information? Who can you trust? What should you include? We cover everything in this course to help you give your infographic real substance.


Infographic Copywriting

2 Lessons

It might seem odd to have a course relating to content writing for infographics when they are inherently visual however the considered use of text is really important. We run through some of our best practices.


Infographic Design

4 Lessons

In this module you will learn everything a non-designer needs to know about infographic design. We want to help you better oversee your designer and understand what goes into creating a premium looking infographic. Even the best information in the world presented poorly could mean failure, avoid this mistake and "learn design" even if you can't use Photoshop!


Infographic Promotion

4 Lessons

You can't build an infographic and hope the right people see it. Follow these lessons to ensure your content reaches the right influencers and audiences across the web to earn backlinks, social shares and traffic to your website.